Businesses requiring help with finance and strategy don’t just need anyone with an accounting qualification.

They need someone who has experience with their struggles

Good financial management is essential to all businesses. And it extends much further than just traditional accounting and statutory compliance.

Good financial management includes robust forward-looking planning, regular performance reporting and reviews, visibility and understanding on all key business drivers, and the ongoing interpretation of numbers into actionable business insights and sound business advice.

Helping businesses make more informed decisions and improve financial performance. At Core we treat every business as if it were our own. Through our decades of experience and expertise we help determine how to get your business from where it is now to where you want it to be. And we’ll walk the journey with you.

25 01 Startup

50 02 Growth

85 03 Mature

Starting a new business venture is always a risky and exciting journey. And with so much uncertainty and pressure to succeed, good financial management and planning is essential to:

  • Help build financial models for business and strategic planning
  • Offers business insights for better decision making
  • Ensure effective cash flow and runway management
  • Help future-proof the startup and make more resilient against adversity
  • Attract investment funding

Overall helping to ensure the venture not only survives but goes on to thrive and realise its full potential.

01 Building Strong Foundations for Business Success and Accelerated Growth.
01 Startup

With growth comes complexity. And good financial management is critical for:

  • Reporting, analysing and managing ongoing financial performance
  • Ensuring robust cash flow management to withstand shocks
  • Planning and forecasting future revenues, resources allocations, and spending
  • Generating business insights to drive performance on both top and bottom line
  • Improving processes to support growth
  • Ensuring well-informed and data driven financial decision making

These activities are essential for sustainable business growth and ensuring financial goals are realised.

02 Building Strong Foundations for Business Success and Accelerated Growth.
02 Growth

In more mature business’s good financial management, planning, and analysis is essential to:

  • Drive efficiencies in operations
  • Continuously improve through process, tech, and automation
  • Avoid falling behind the competition
  • Protect margins and bottom-line profits
  • Evaluate the next phase of growth and reinvestment into the business

Decisions around exits, succession planning, and reinvesting into the business become key in order to avoid possible decline, and understanding the potential impact and outcome of each scenario through modelling and analysis allows businesses to make the most informed decisions.

03 Building Strong Foundations for Business Success and Accelerated Growth.
03 Mature

The top 6 reasons businesses
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