We provide flexible CFO support, all the finance expertise you require but at a fraction of the cost

As fractional CFO’s we help determine how to get you from where you are now to where you need to go. And we’ll walk the journey with you.

Financial Strategy

Partnering with businesses, founders and owners as your right-hand finance man and co-pilot, we help you in solving your company’s most challenging financial problems, improving business performance and unlocking your growth potential, through proper financial strategy, business assessment and planning.

Achieving Financial Goals

We match your strategy with your numbers and develop a forward-looking roadmap to ensure your financial goals are being met. And with decades of experience working in industry, not just on businesses but in them as financial executives and entrepreneurs, we can help you get there.

Process Improvement & Automation

As seasoned business professionals we find ways to make existing processes faster, more accurate, more efficient, and more reliable. Helping to increase productivity, reduce cost, improve profitability, and stay ahead of the competition.

Compliance & Risk Management

We help you to sleep more soundly at night, ensuring that your business operations stay externally compliant with ever-evolving regulations e.g. POPIA, FICA and other relevant legislative obligations, as well as identifying control gaps and key areas of internal risk across the business, and then helping you to implement and embed mitigation protocols.

Fundraising, Financing & Investment Preparation

Having now successfully negotiated the complexities of many rounds of fundraising and business financing, we understand how time intensive and challenging this can be, and our team of seasoned experts is here to take the load off.

We can support you with:
• Devising Investment Strategy
• Financial Modelling
• Investor Decks
• Business Valuations
• Deal Structuring
• Due Diligence
• Investor Network

CFO Expertise