If you’re going to succeed in business, it is critical to be able to estimate the future.

Whereas Accounting focuses on recording financial data already past, as Management Accountants we concentrate on understanding the financials of a business looking forward, enabling you to make informed decisions and avoid flying blind.

Management & Performance Reporting

We produce monthly management reports, key to understanding the current financial position and performance of your business. Having monthly visibility on revenue, margins, operational costs, profits, cash positions, outstanding debtors and creditors balances, or stockholding is critical in helping you plan and make the right decisions for your business when looking forward.

Cashflow Analysis & Management

Poor cashflow forecasting, analysis and management is one of the major reasons businesses get themselves into trouble or struggle to reach their full potential. We see this is a priority, ensuring rigorous cashflow planning and management, helping businesses stay resilient in uncertain times, adapt quickly to changes, mitigate financial risks, and facilitate growth.

Business Analysis, Insights & Decision Making

Through the use of data and sophisticated analytical techniques we are able to provide critical financial insights that guide decision-making within a business.

Some real-life examples of this include:
• What are the key drivers and levers of my business and how do they impact my financial performance ?
• Am I charging the right price to make the right margins ?
• Are all my business units, products or services profitable, and if not, why not ?
• Where should I look to improve productivity and what targets should I aim for ?
• How am I performing vs. my competitors, and where do I need to improve ?
• If I do “X”, what is the impact on my business today, and in 12 months time ?

We help you understand the financial impact of various choices as your datadriven sounding board, leading to more informed decisions, and better financial results.

Forecasting & Modelling

Forecasting helps businesses anticipate change, reduce uncertainty identify the best ways to achieve their goals, and make future plans. It is critical in giving businesses the ability to react pro-actively, because the other option is pure guesswork, and no business wants to be flying by the seat of their pants.

Budgeting & Planning

What gets planned gets done, what gets measured is improved. Budgeting is a critical aspect of running a successful business and involves fore-casting and allocating resources to meet the goals and objectives of the organisation.

We have the expertise required to:
• Develop planning targets.
• Access and analyze historical and current data.
• Connect strategic objectives with daily processes.
• Link top-down targets with bottom-up budgets.
• Integrate and update financial forecasts as business conditions change.
• Perform multidimensional modeling of your planning and budgeting data.

Our team of experienced practitioners support businesses by leading the budget process from start to finish, producing effective budgets and giving businesses the tools to track how they are performing financially.

Ongoing Oversight of Financial Performance

Through Financial Planning and Analysis we provide businesses with the fundamentals for sound financial health and strategic growth, providing the tools, insights and oversight needed for effective ongoing financial management and long-term success.

Management Accouting